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Use iPad To Boost Sales

Make more face-to-face sales with an iPad

Use iPad To Boost Sales


he iPad is the best game-playing, movie watching, time-wasting, Facebooking, photo-viewing, magazine-reading, shopping tool in the world. It’s little wonder that enthusiasts queue up in front of Apple stores all across the world to spend £400+ on a device that’s more luxury than necessity. But the iPad’s most important users aren’t waiting outside in the cold. They’re too busy trying to make this month’s numbers.


Let’s face it – Powerpoint presentations are old-hat. With increased competition and many retailers relying on price alone as their prime sales factor, you need something that separates what you’re offering from your competitors. Enter Keynote, the powerful little app from Apple that generate incredible-looking whizz-bang presentations that make it look as though you hired the team at Pixar to design your visuals. With the right creative flair, Keynote allows you to walk prospective clients through a beautiful, interactive story that demonstrates clearly why people should choose your business instead of one of your rivals. When you know you have a great offering, you ought to give it the  staging it deserves and a Keynote presentation allows you to do just that.



Once you’ve delivered a stunning Keynote presentation and given your audience the wow-factor, leave them a link to your company app. Use that as a communication and sales channel to strengthen ties  to your customer. It’s the modern leave-behind that you can tailor in just a few minutes before you turn up.



The Follow-up


Standard practice is to leave behind a copy of your presentation—either in hard copy, on a USB key, or sent in an email. This practice is borne more of desire to keep the communication channel live and active than any real belief that someone will spend much time with the deck at a later date. Given this convention, we advise optimizing the “leave behind” as a communication channel. What does that mean?


Your client expects a follow up email with materials you presented. Instead of attaching a PowerPoint deck, provide a link to an app for download. That link pushes him to download to his iPad your company’s app. Within that app is your presentation, to be sure. But there’re also white papers, references, information about your company, industry data, access to your online community, and a host of other features that give you and your client a chance to engage each other on an ongoing basis. Use the app as two-way communications and content channel. Once it’s downloaded to her iPad, she’s unlikely to ever delete it.


Measuring Success


Is the iPad unaccountable marketing spend or a investment with clear ROI? It depends on your business and how you use the iPad.
Here’s what we know to be true:


  1. Measuring the impact of a communications medium is notoriously difficult. The more impactful the communication, the harder it is to measure. Few customers will ever point to then iPad as the reason they decided to do a deal. Conversely, even fewer will point to a lousy presentation as the reason they decided not to do a deal.
  2. Beauty breeds confidence, and confidence sells. Collateral materials that imbue a marketer with a sense of esteem about the product he is selling rubs off on everyone. If you look good, you feel good.
  3. Content leads to conversions. Then iPad is a world class content delivery device. If it’s also equipped with the ability to execute transactions, they you truly have the perfect sales AND buying tool.
  4. Communication leads to conversion. The iPad is a world class mobile communications device. Use it to listen to the needs/wants/dreams of your customer and tailor your offering accordingly.
  5. Decisions to adopt unproven technologies are driven by fear of inertia and a desire to differentiate. Those are good motivations to have.


Bottom line is, the iPad is a seriously flash piece of kit, under-utilised by most companies. Take the opportunity to use it to differentiate yourself from the competition. Currently, cry few businesses use this method but that’s all about to change. Within the next two years, commercial apps and portable presentations will become far more commonplace. The thought of hunting around for the right RGB cable to connect your Powerpoint laptop to your client’s projector screen will seem like only a bad memory – I for one welcome that day : )