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Search Engine Optimisation

It's all about results.

Web Design

Great web design and SEO fit hand-in-glove. Your Google Pay-Per-Click campaign will fail if your prospective customers struggle with your shopping cart or are put off by what you’ve written. So if we think your site needs a re-tune before we get started, we’ll tell you upfront.


Every new web site we build is optimised for search engines. As big hitters such as Google regularly change the way they list business web sites, we produce sites that allow us to easily change their markup (the code behind your web site) to keep your business ahead of the game.

Content Creation

It’s no secret that Google favours ‘relevant’ content over sites that simply try to sell products and do nothing else. That’s why we include a News & Blog feature in most new web sites. Even when you don’t have time to keep that section updated regularly, we can take care of that for you with well-written optimisation articles when you need them.


Sometimes, online advertising alone is not enough, particularly if you’re just getting started. When this is the case, we’ll recommend the best way to promote your services without throwing thousands of pounds down the drain in online campaigns that give you no return on your investment.

Link Building

Our resident SEO expert, Damian Qualter, can help drive more traffic to your web site using various link-building strategies. The more relevant links to and from your web site, the better your position online.

Pay Per Click

Anyone can set up a Google or Facebook Pay-Per-Click campaign but we have the right talent and resources to deliver big returns. We’ll start small at first, testing the waters to see what works well for your business. Then when we hit the sweet spot for you, we’ll increase the budget to help drive your sales.

Increase Your Revenues

With Our Advanced Search Engine Optimisation Strategies


Increase your revenue with seoearch Engine Optimisation from Design Dynamos is built on the reliable foundation of the standards-compliant source code that we use to develop your web site. The result? A much higher ranking on every major search engine in the world. We have a proven track record promoting sites within the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) using natural and ethical optimisation techniques that are proven to deliver top rankings that help to win more business and increase sales.


We understand that every company works hard at making their business a success. Whether you are a small or huge business owner we provide effective SEO Manchester and marketing services to suit your business’ needs, we make sure that your business will be more visible to customers and investors both locally and globally. And we try to accomplish this using the best of breed in the industry today, the combination of effective long term SEO strategies, technical skills, creativity, knowledge, content marketing and relationship building.


Our services go beyond Search engine optimization, web design and development, content creation, marketing, link building and pay-per-click optimization. Our strategies are advanced allowing us to modify, analyze and manage your Internet marketing campaign in real time. We have been helping businesses rise to the top of Google rankings, making them visible to millions of their customers around the world.


Building your business with effective SEO service is far one of the best marketing strategies that every company tend to do nowadays. Here at Iceberg Media we know that a good SEO strategy makes the difference between businesses that can easily be found online, and those that get lost among thousands of other businesses trying to stand out. As the Google algorithm is in a continuous change, it can be difficult to know what SEO methods are truly effective. But our company guarantees our clients that they will be involved in the process, and report progress in a language they can understand.


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