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Video in Marketing

Video Showcase


hen you have a service that practically guarantees savings of at least 30%, you want as many people to know about it as possible. We created this short movie for the company’s sales team to go out with, loaded up on their laptops and iPad’s. Combing filmed footage with some tidy animated illustration, we developed a natural look and feel for the movie that’s both professional and friendly.


When To Use Video


This particular clip is animated and stylised. For most businesses, it’s unnecessary to produce something that takes this approach. If your customers haven’t met you yet, it’s likely they really want to see your face. So a clip of you introducing what your company can do for them is normally the best start. Ideally, you’ll have a camera set up at home with some basic lighting and a tripod. A good microphone is essential and most people can create this home set-up for less than £3,000. Let your customers know your skills right from the outset and be confident. You’ll spend only a few hours in iMovie or some other editing software to cut your clips together. Alternatively, an agency can take care of the shoot and edit the film for you.


The two occasions where video really is necessary are TRAINING and EXPLANATION. Giving clients a 5 minute lesson on something that’s important to them is a great way to share your knowledge in a helpful way. It lets your customers have some free advice in a way that means you only have to share it once – let YouTube do the rest! Certain services you offer may also require a visual form of explanation. for example, External Wall Insulation has a methodology to it that’s difficult to describe without imagery. Video is the perfect medium to demonstrate clearly what your clients can expect.


When Style Is Important


If your company has more than a handful of employees or you primarily deal B2B then your clients need to know you’re more than a one-man-band. It’s worth investing in a creative agency that can deliver a solid video that highlights the benefits of dealing with your staff. A powerful video that packs a marketing punch will be widely publicised on the Internet and hopefully go viral to some extend of YouTube, possibly with a Pay Per Click campaign to start with. It’s important to get as many real views and shares as possible, buying them just won’t do.


Is Spielberg Needed?


For most small businesses, a DIY video explaining why your clients should choose you over the competition will give you the edge. No hide budget required. For larger firms, consider hiring a professional agency to see what might work best. Either way, whether large or small, it’s always worthwhile considering using video on your web site to reinforce your brand.



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