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5 Situations Where A Printed Campaign Works Better Than Online Marketing


Your business web site is brand new

If you’ve little to no rank on Google today then it’s best to start with a printed campaign. The response rate from a leaflet drop remains steady at 0.1% for most industries today – that means one potential new client for every 1,000 flyers you distribute. Conversely, an email campaign usually yields much lower results – just 0.05% on average.

You’re a tradesman, builder or mechanic

Your photo on a leaflet with some real testimonials from happy customers is far more enticing than a web site with a list of your services. That’s because the trade industry is typically based on trust and people don’t want to buy from a faceless company.



You’re running a money-off promotion or voucher offer

People love to get something in their hands. Even if you run a business online, people are far more likely to use a voucher they can touch. The psychology behind this style of advertising and branding is that your leaflet or flyer appears as “currency” to the person holding it. Chances are, they’ll find an excuse to use it.

You run a local shop in your community

If you’re not trading nationally and in particular, if people need to visit you in person to make purchases then most online advertising is a waste. Of course, we old encourage you to set up a free account on Google Places, and Thompson Local Online but the majority of your marketing budget is better spent locally, targeting nearby businesses and homes.



You’re a life coach, nutritionist or personal trainer

In industries where your personality is paramount, it’s best to run a printed campaign that gets people looking at your web site and browsing a video or two that includes your teaching materials or training aids. People are twice as likely to buy from those they become familiar with so an engaging print ad that encourages them to visit your web site see you ‘up close and personal’ is definitely the way to go.

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