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et’s get one thing straight – you don’t want to come off as a Mickey Mouse outfit to your customers any more than we do. You want to stand out from your competitors to win more clients and sell your products and services. You want to divert as much traffic to your web site and use it to capture more business. You want to let everyone in town know that you’re the people to turn to for what you’re offering. The problem is, really good design costs money and you can’t always justify that expense considering that a better brand won’t always yield a good return on your investment.

Why most business branding is an expensive failure and what you can do about it

This is where our no nonsense approach comes in. We work closely with you from day one to discover what services best suit your company. If we think a new brand won’t give you the results you want, we’ll show you how to better invest your resources on advertising that’s more likely to improve your success. In doing so, we know you’ll continue to use us more as your grow. It’s worth pointing out that since our beginning in 2005, we’ve never lost a single client to another design company. Not bad going.

Spread the cost out over time and receive discounts and free support too!

Promoting your business would be much more affordable if you could spread the cost out over time, making regular payments each month and waving all initial fees. That’s why we came up with service plans, which work the same way as your phone or utility bills.
We also throw in free support, which is particularly useful when it comes to deeper strategies like online marketing and search engine optimisation. You’ll save money this way because we give you free hours each month.

Corporate Branding Manchester

We have all-inclusive plans to help you get started from just £90 per week. Call Phil or Kevin today on 0161 425 2788 and we’ll answer any questions you might have before we start promoting your business. You’ll get the best graphic designers, web developers and search engine experts working together to help you succeed. We think you’ll love it, just like these guys…


I’d recommend Design Dynamos to anyone! They’ve supported us over the last 8 years through two very successful re-brands, all new signage and numerous web projects. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the same job.

- Tony Higginson, The Dream Centre

testimonial_quoteOne of the best design teams we’ve ever worked with. Their quality of service is second to none and the guys are always very pro-active when it comes to creating new ideas. Very reliable and never let us down even on those last-minute jobs.

- Chi Wong, ZenOffice

testimonial_quoteOur 12 year relationship continues to go from strength to strength. I’ve known directors Kevin and Phil for some time now and can vouch for the company’s cutting edge design and first-class support. Here’s to another great 12 years! 

- Dean Sanderson, Sanderson James Partnership
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