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7 Awesome Features in Dr. Jonathan’s New Platform


hat a great privilege to develop Dr. Jonathan’s new software platform and website. An interesting figure in Christianity today, “Papa Jonathan” (as he is affectionately known in Johor, Malaysia) has pioneered several churches and outreach ministries in his lifetime and recently built a modern school for young people growing up in the area. In his own words, “I crossed the Muar River from Malacca with only a plastic bag of clothes on a motorcycle in December of 1979. Now, see what the Lord has done in our town and in the nations of the world.”

Screencast1Dr. Jonathan attracts church leaders from the four corners of the globe, running conferences to train and equip leaders so they can empower the next generation to rise up from their own circumstances and make a positive impact on the world in a similar way. He delivers a unique message of hope and opportunity to those of us who still love freedom, liberty and life itself. Being a man from the East, his writing and speaking style are very different from Western culture – this isn’t TD Jakes, the friendly face of Charisma Magazine – but the message is every bit as inspiring. So it’s been a great experience working closely with his team to kick-start their online presence.

1. The ISAAC Store
For the first time, all of Dr. Jonathan’s major titles and selected audio sets are available to download online. Some resources are free, others paid-for but everything is searchable and easy to find.

2. Online Conference Booking
In just a few clicks, attendees can sign themselves up to the latest conferences, adding to their delegate list as they go. We’ve made it as easy as possible for network members to purchase tickets in bulk by offering Group Bookings. An automated system records each persons Name, Email Address and Age for verification purposes and electronic tickets are delivered by e-mail. Friendly staff working in the background can see at a glance what’s happening and move things around on the attendees list if they need to.

3. Newsletters and E-mail Updates
Members of the site can subscribe to to receive regular e-mail updates and newsletters. Their information is kept confidential and won’t be shared to any third-parties. Staff members can easily write and publish to all subscribers in a matter of minutes without any technical knowledge. That means followers can rely on timely, regular updates all-year-round.

Screencast24. Blogs and Letters
Owing to the nature of modern-day ministry, Dr. Jonathan David and his team spend a significant amount of time travelling, delivering a message of hope to various nations. From now on, people connected to his “ISAAC Network” will be able to follow what’s going on, as well as download the latest audio and video news from the site. We built a WordPress-based tool that allows staff members to put together media blogs in minutes.

5. Filing Success Reports
Churches that connect to ISAAC are expected to keep everyone else in the network updated with their own progress and share good news with others. We created a really intuitive platform that allows them to do just that. Now network churches simply upload their content to one place and – with permission from ISAAC staff – choose how they’d like that information to be shared. It’s a huge time-saver for everyone.

6. Getting Social
A built-in media manager allows content to be shared selectively across popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. When organisations have so much content to share, it’s good to have the flexibility to control when are where it ends up!

7. Get the Word
Lest we forgot that Dr. Jonathan is also a pastor who runs a thriving Church of his own in Malaysia, members of the congregation can watch and listen to every sermon – past and present – online. They can also send urgent prayer requests that will be actioned by the network of churches and download training notes as PDF files.

What’s Next?
We’re not just stopping there! As part of Jonathan David’s commitment to philanthropy, he’s also launched several outreaches and built local accommodation that can used by overseas visitors when they stay for longer two-week training sessions. As a result, we’re looking forward to our continuing partnership with them to help create the necessary tech and infrastructure to manage their ventures.

In the meantime, you can view Dr. Jonathan’s new web site here.

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  • Maddie

    Looks awesome! I am in the process of building my own website right now, so I’ll have to take some pointers from this guy. Very cool.


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